Next Concerts

January 25th 2019


Debussy à 5 with Elodie Vignon

January 26th-28th 2019

Villennes-sur-Seine, France

Trio Recital with Christia Hudziy / Julia Pusker

February 3rd 2019

Vilvoorde Stadhuis

Recital with Christia Hudziy

February 6th 2019

Zita, Brussels

Urban Piano Quartet

February 11th 2019

Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth, Waterloo

Urban Piano Quartet DVD Recording

February 22nd 2019


Recital with Elodie Vignon

February 24th 2019

Deurne, Antwerp, Belgium

Recital with Elodie Vignon

March 2nd 2019

Private Concert Brussels

Recital with Sarah Théry / Christia Hudziy

March 10th 2019

Koksijde, Belgium

Recital with Christia Hudziy

March 11th+12th+27th+30th 2019

Antwerp, Belgium

Chamber Opera

March 24th 2019

BOZAR, Belgium

Urban Piano Quartet

March 28th 2019

Arsonic, Mons, Belgium

Recital with Elodie Vignon / Clara Inglese